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Our mission is to preserve and promote the excellence of Italian cuisine by selecting the best Italian products.


Why us ?

Italy is a country rich in many interesting, historical, cultural, artistic and even natural heritage aspects. One of the major attractions is the kitchen whose notoriety is based on two aspects:
• The quality of products such as pasta, extra virgin olive oil, salami, cheese, tomatoes, wines etc. made with dedication and love by thousands of small companies throughout Italy;
• The ability to combine these products into dishes that respect local traditions, which enhance their taste and flavor and maintain their naturalness and nourishment.
However, due to the great demand, the customs barriers and the objective difficulty of small Italian companies to promote themselves in the world, Italian products are the object of counterfeiting and falsification: every day thousands of consumers are deceived in supermarkets, shops or restaurants by products that seem Italians but those of Italian have only names and colors, products that are often also harmful to health.
Bonitaly was created to guarantee the consumer by bringing the real Italian product directly to those who produce it.
To do this:
• Bonitaly food and wine experts visit companies throughout Italy every day looking for excellent products.
• Bonitaly IT technicians manage a digital system that helps the manufacturer to introduce himself, to insert the products, to define the selling price, to package the package to invoice and to collect.
• Bonitaly administrators agree and control the most important shippers who collect the ordered product and deliver it to the customer without using intermediate warehouses, shops, supermarkets or various intermediaries.


We like to say that on the site www.bonitaly.it, thanks to our staff, you can only order products with 100% Italian DNA…. at the price decided by the manufacturer.

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